Moodle is one of the best and widely used LMS in the e-learning industry which is known for its flexibility, open source structure and one of a kind features. Moodle empower its users through providing them with their very own site where they can add and customise their courses for imparting an effective learning all round the globe. Although being a simple and easy to use LMS it does require bit of an expertise in maintaining and managing a particular Moodle site.

Moodle partner is a certified Moodle service provider, having a rich experience in delivering successful Moodle projects. There are more than 80 such partners present worldwide who are experts in providing quality service and support depending upon their area of presence.

Having a Moodle partner on-board will allow you to add value to your overall Moodle experience. Also, there are several other considerable reason to have a Moodle partner during your Moodle journey.


Their Expertise, your profit

Undoubtedly Moodle partner have expertise in the art of Moodeling. They apply their in-depth knowledge about Moodle and its different versions to keep you up-to-date with the changing trends. They manage overall road-map of your Moodle usage and provide necessary suggestions during the journey.


Community engagement to keep you enlightened

Moodle partners are one of the major participants in several Moodle events such as MoodleMoot, seminars and other online platforms. They continuously keep a touch base with MoodleHQ team to get a hold on the proposed and under process Moodle development.


Quality support services

Moodle partners are determined in providing best of their support services so that you don’t stuck in between. They apply their knowledge to answer all your queries and allow you to have an error free Moodle experience.


Enable you to have hassle free customizations

Isn’t it amazing to have an on demand Moodle customization, well with Moodle partner you can on time and accurate delivery of what you have asked for. They aim to make a best version of your site which will suit your requirements.


Save time and money

You don’t want to put extra time and money on your Moodle site and if you have a certified Moodle partner on board you can achieve the same very effectively. They put in all their effort in timely delivery of your project along with an optimization of your overall cost.


Moreover, it won’t be wrong to say that having a certified Moodle partner will allow you to enjoy Moodle the way it is meant to be.

Being one of the certified Moodle partner, we focus on providing our customers with best of the Moodle services and our aim is to empower everyone with the tool of knowledge, irrespective of their area of presence.