Moodle Mobile App

Moodle mobile app developed on HTML5 and Phonegap. It offers offline contents, camera and audio features and push notifications.

Download Moodle Mobile App from your phone Play Store.

Moodle Version required – Moodle 2.4 or above.

Features supported:

  • Responsive design for phone and tablets
  • Upload a picture into your private file area
  • Record an audio file and upload it into your private file area
  • Send a private message to a course participant (can be done offline)
  • Take a personal note about a course participant (can be done offline)
  • Add a course participant to your phone contact
  • Call a course participant touching the phone number
  • Locate a course participant address on Google map
  • Download and view some resources
  • Quick access to your course contents
  • Remote translation
  • Remote layout/style customization

Enabling Moodle access for mobile app

  1. Go to Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Web services > Mobile . Then enable ‘Web services for mobile devices’ (tick).
  2. In the CSS field paste this link “ “.
  3. After that click save changes .

Accessing the Moodle site from mobile
You required three things:

  • URL- Moodle site URL should be written like this where yourmoodlesite is the name of your site.
  • Username – username of your site
  • Password – password of your site

Screenshot of Moodle Mobile App


















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