Key To School

It's been years since we presented the world with a service to share and rejoice i.e. KeyToSchool. This web portal LMS hosting proved to be a huge success among new and experienced e-learning enthusiasts equally. For three long years of service since its inception, we provided managed hosting with all features and flexibility at the best price i.e. totally free. However, free didn't mean that it compromised on quality, rather it went-on to be the best elearning hosting site for elearning enthusiasts to nurture their creativity and focus on learning/teaching rather than amassing funds for hosting.

Recently, as our clientele surpassed the 30,000 mark, we experienced monetary glitches in managing resources for thousands of sites with millions of students. Therefore, we had to increase resources at our server-end. And to continue providing you the best-in-class hosting services, we need your support as reward to stay upfront at your demands. We care!

We promise to invest every bit of our work force in making services better and better everyday.

KeyToSchool targets:

  • elearning enthusiasts experienced or beginners
  • Educators willing to share and get rewarded
  • Creative minds working to promote and support eLearning in their own ways

KeyToSchool offers:

  • Best-in-class moodle managed hosting
  • Easy migration from other hosting services
  • Easy upgrades and bug-fixes
  • No vendor lock-in and flexible payment options
  • Free and easy to use custom designs and 3rd party modules/plug-ins.
  • Having said this we still believe in freedom of choice and to promote it further we offer 30 day free trial period for our services.
  • Single code based architecture: At KeyToSchool we maintain single code base architecture for moodle hosting. That is, we maintain only one instance of moodle at our servers and all eLearning portals run through that instance. We manage this moodle instance with mission-critical urgency to keep your sites up and running.
  • Automatic Installation: We have automated every process; from your sign-up to complete setup. This way we save many hours and keep the overall cost to minimum to deliver you cost-effective moodle hosting solution.

We encourage you to come and experience our services, test it to your fill. If you are satisfied with it, we are honoured; if not, then kindly tell us where we lag so that we could further improve our services to live up to your expectations.