Moodle Hosting


Who we are


MoodleHosting is dedicated to address all moodle hosting, consultancy and support requirements for those who don't want to compromise in any area, be it server-end resources, technical support, timely upgrades, integration with 3rd party modules, CMS systems and custom development.

Its been a long time since we introduced MoodleHosting to the eLearning fraternity. Since then we have worked everyday towards making it a better product, so that you could expect more and more. Through our vision to give you best we have evolved as specialist in managing and hosting different LMS/CMS/LCMS systems and web portals. Our clientele is diverse ranging from Individual Educators to Schools and enterprise.

MoodleHosting targets:

  • All educational learning institutes and schools that want to deploy eLearning as part of their Eco-system.
  • Business ventures and corporates that want a customised eLearning solution for various purposes like training, communications and professional development.
  • Educators who want to broaden their reach and offer online courses to large masses.

MoodleHosting offers:

  • We offer Superior managed hosting services. We believe you should focus on improving your content/course and leave all technical glitches to us. Over the years we have expertised in managing moodle and keeping it running in optimal environment so that your users experience a smooth Moodle at very competitive prices.
  • We offer systematic Moodle upgrades to minor/major point releases. Before applying upgrade, we confirm from you that whether you want to go with upgrade or not. An email is fired to you asking your permission. If you give us a go signal or if you don't reply we will upgrade your Moodle presuming you are happy to go with the upgrade. However, if you are not happy with the new upgrade just inform us and we will downgrade your moodle to previous version with no problem at all. Stay insured you have chosen the right services.
  • Each account is entitled to 24X7 access to technical support via secure support ticketing system to address all moodle related queries and any other issue. However,you might like to check our knowledgebase and forums for generic problems.
  • No bars on creativity as we do not limit our hosting plans in terms of bandwidth or number of courses allowed, you are free to offer as many courses as you like in whatever direction.
  • Start enrolling your students right away. We have saved you the headache of integrating e-commerce with your course/site by providing you the flexibility of pre-integrating e-commerce with your site using aMember, Ubercart or Virtuemart. All you have to do is select any of the above e-commerce option with your standard moodle hosting plan.
  • We understand your data/course content is critical. To secure your content we have taken major steps towards security. We have recognised all the loopholes and patched them so that nobody could exploit them. For example, we know you are going make a lot of FTP requests to your moodle at our servers and this is prone to hacks if not protected properly. That is why, we have implemented SSL encryption for your FTP requests. Thus we make sure your email/user-name/password is secure/encrypted over the Internet and your website is free of probable spams.
  • Backup Archives: Every day we do nightly backups for your site so that your data is guarded all the time against any accidental changes and restoration is always achieve-able. We keep your database archives for last 5 years. Therefore, you have your data at your proposal for any administrative or legal purpose at any point of time during the service.
  • No Vendor lock-in policy: We believe in freedom of choice and do not exercise any vendor lock-in policy i.e. we do not bind you to use our services unwillingly if you are not happy (a rare possibility we promise) with us. However, if such is the case you can terminate your services by informing us and we will refund your money for the unused period of your service term (fair policy) as per our refund policy. I strongly believe you should choose us not because of our competitive prices but because of our superior hosting services and committed customer-practices.
  • Easy Upgrade of plans When you grow significantly large (we are happy to see you grow) such that initially chosen plan seems insufficient, just raise a ticket or email us and we would upgrade your hosting plan as directed. Your money for the unused period will be brought forward and adjusted in the new plan. You only have to pay the difference amount. Our policies are open and we put you in the centre of every critical decision making process for your moodle hosting service with us.
  • Secure servers with 99.99% up-time: We host your moodle instance at our catastrophically secure server clusters that guarantee 99.99% up-time. Moreover, regular maintenance activities are spanned according to your traffic patterns/inputs and informed to you one month before the time so that you could schedule your activities accordingly.
  • Support for 3rd party modules/plug-ins: We have integrated moodle with many 3rd party modules/plug-ins and work towards bringing you more and more. However, you can tell us what you need and we would integrate a suitable extension with your moodle to satisfy your requirements. If you want something unique, we will promptly address your demand and develop it for you.