Business success depends on employee performance that in turn requires high-quality training. We are committed to deliver you the right approach, tools and platform, chosen or customized to meet your organizational objectives.

Through our eLearning solutions you can transform the performance of your employees by providing high quality, timely training that is delivered consistently throughout your organization (as and when required) at very cost-effective, high-ROI investment. We address all your corporate eLearning needs viz., employee training, assessment, reporting and administration of employee's learning programs. Here, at Vidya Mantra, we believe in driving your business eLearning with an e-business approach putting employee in the center.

Compliance training


Every business is bounded by regulations, in some way or the other, imposed on it by the government, other regulatory bodies or by the nature of the business itself. Business staff needs to be trained for the relevant regulations and assessed for compliance. We can make compliance training an engaging learning experience for employees in a cost-effective manner. You can use our solutions in classroom training or to address large number of learners, which can be demographically dispersed as well.

You may require:

  • A cost-effective delivery system providing anytime, anywhere access of the learning resources to the large number of employees.
  • Right blend of content and design to deliver optimized learning environment for your employees.
  • An eLearning resource, which can be easily modified later on to incorporate new content easily.
  • Flexibility of assigning training materials on demand
  • Flexibility of deploying material in a classroom environment or as self-paced learning modules
  • Assessment and management reporting to track employee performance

Product knowledge


A salesperson faces various problems in gaining a lead and closing that successfully. Product knowledge is a crucial factor that can improve your sales. Products change rapidly with improvisations or new line-ups and access to product knowledge as and when required can be highly useful for sales representatives.

Our approach to product knowledge e-learning:

  • Rapid prototyping of eLearning modules for product classes.
  • Just the right amount of information with graphics(infographics) and other media to deliver knowledge fast and to the point.
  • Interactive learning with examples, what-ifs, challenges and stories to yield better reception by the learner.
  • Easy editing and enhancements of the eLearning resources without any programming or technical skill.
  • Cost-effective way of deployment and tracking for large employee base.
  • Device specific rendering for easy readability on handheld devices.

Pre-induction training


If an employee gets knowledge about his job and about the people he will be working with before even joining the office, he gets on-board for the job in lesser time as compared to traditional on-board training methods. A lot of man-hours are saved which otherwise would have been spent in classroom for orientation program.

Moreover, it adds to his efficiency in the following ways:

  • He will know his job better before even joining the company
  • He will be more confident about his job and will know about the people he is going to work with
  • Since the beginning he will be engaged in a learning process for the good of organization and himself.
  • The training will tap into his motivation for learning at the beginning of his career.

Learning Management System / Online portal


In recent years online portals have seen tremendous growth in the ways they can be utilized. Whether, it is learning community building, training, assessment, etc. Online portal or more appropriately Learning Management System has become the latest buzz in the corporate world.

If you need any of the following you need us:

  • A custom made branded site for knowledge & resource sharing
  • Course-based training environment with progress tracking
  • Full administration capabilities with ability to assign learning resources, assignments and tests
  • On the job, off the job or online training assignments
  • Community building and user collaboration using forums, wikis, chat rooms and surveys.
  • Hierarchical performance report to track learner's progress.
  • Self-paced learning modules.

We can setup your portal on a short notice with full-fledged learning & reporting capabilities, as you demand. We will offer you a custom or complete solution, which may include:

  • Setting up LMS (LCMS) for your organization, tailor-made as per your requirements.
  • Hosting the LMS on our secure servers under the various plans available on demand.
  • Integration of the LMS system with your existing site or deploying front-end web technologies with LMS system..
  • Integration of LMS with LDAP (Light-weight Directory Access Protocol) or ADS so that you could use site-wide emails, contacts and other information for your training program in the LMS system.
  • Integration with Mahara for having individual employee profiles. These profiles can be used for accessing all particulars of the employee, his achievements and resources he wants to share.
  • Popular third party modules and plugins integration with LMS. For more enquiries kindly email us with your questions and requirements.

Assessment system


We have process in place to deliver you assessment system and solutions customized to your needs.

Our assessment services include:

  • Online assessment service with wide variety of question types and reporting styles.
  • A fully customized online assessment site with professional grace and elegant design.
  • Mobile assessment system: With our mobile assessment system users have flexibility of attending the test anywhere via their mobile devices. The tests are made adaptive to the screen and interactive options of the mobile, for rich user experience.
  • In house assessment system: this system can be employed in a scenario, where a group of employees are to be tested or in a quiz like scenario. The system offers a variety of questions that include MCQ, True-false, short-answer, etc. The results can be directly integrated with popular LMS systems or can be exported to Excel. The reports can be presented in variety of formats user-wise or group-wise. You can use our assessment system for promotional assessment, skill analysis or for any other assessment program. To know more, kindly contact us.



Large surveys can be conducted with the help of our SaaS modules easily. The reports can be displayed in variety of options statistically or by using graphics for easy absorption. These surveys results can be integrated with your learning portal as well.



Should you need something more or something different, ask us and we will deliver. We are here to address most things that encompass eLearning. We can develop custom solutions for you that range far and wide from SaaS modules to desktop solutions; from custom software to small plugins and apps that work for online to stand alone intranet systems, we do it all. Just email us what you need and let us get involved.



We host web-instances and SaaS for our large clientele. We have wide variety of hosting plans and platforms to satisfy your requirements. We believe in crystal clear operation policies with no vendor lock-in and flexibility in payment options. Your hosted instance is secured by a 3-tier security to avoid any kind of physical or Trojan attacks. To add more, it works in a hardware redundant environment locally as well as demographically, to guard your data against any catastrophic events.