SME/Individual Educators/CEU


Requirements may include:

  • Starting off an online learning/training program.
  • Setting up a highly branded online learning portal that feels more like an elegant site rather than cluttered course-ware site.
  • Hosting your eLearning solutions with our 3-tier secured and optimized cloud servers at no vendor lock-in and flexible pricing.
  • Imparting how-tos, domain-knowledge, and skill-training to small number of learners in real-time, on-demand, platform independent ways and track individual progress, consolidated reports.

Our solutions for you:


Rapid LMSe

Rapid LMS can be used for Starting-off learning/training program ASAP for consumption. The time involved in setting up a Rapid LMS portal (or Rapid LMS+ LCMS portal) may vary between 3 to 5 days, subject to requirements from your side. Our rapid LMS solution comes pre-integrated with various features like e-commerce integration, Drupal Joomla integration and many more. You may also ask for a specific feature and we will bring it to your solution.

Integrated course authoring

Integrated Rapid authoring tools to enables you to author and deploy your content under a common hood. Using integrated course authoring tool you can manage media, develop, review and publish eLearning courses. You can also import SCORM and AICC compliant learning packages in your course.


We offer cloud hosting for SME/CEUs. It is a hardware redundant, cost-effective reliable solution. It's scalable, so as your business grows, you can easily scale-up resources at server end without the fuss of shifting the data from one server to another. These servers are load-balanced and highly optimized to host eLearning LMS, LCMS or SaaS environment.


We can integrate e-commerce feature to your existing site or you can use our solution with pre-integrated e-commerce and start enrolling right away. We have variety of options as e-commerce backend such as aMember, Virtuemart, etc. Choose one and we will make your portal e-commerce ready for transactions.


We brand your site with your logo, slogan and other beautification. Your online portal is customized to your feelings until you are satisfied. Your site is revamped with your logo, custom images/banner, elegant color effects and engaging user interface.

Custom development

In case you are not satisfied with ready to use solution; we can code custom application/plugin/module for you. Third party modules can be integrated with your LMS and if required we can develop one to suit your needs.

Assessment solutions

You can use our online assessment system to manage and conduct online tests. We also offer stand-alone dedicated assessment system. We can also conduct area-wide online tests hosted on our secured servers. User administration and authorization can be controlled in real-time. To know more, kindly contact us:

Virtual classroom

Using our virtual classroom service you can extend your personalized approach to training or coaching to your learners in real-time, over Internet. You will be able to monitor them as in a face-to-face class, record class-session, share the resources and make live assessments.

Benefits of our virtual class-room service:

  • Saves your time, money and energy that would be wasted in traveling and setting up sessions.
  • Anytime solution with no boundaries
  • Project your courses/training to large number of learners
  • Live audio-video chat for the session
  • Resource sharing and online assessment.