As the digital divide is getting narrower day-by-day, it is a responsibility of students to learn and adopt the new available mediums for learning and collaboration. We are doing our bit to diminish the divide and as a step towards bringing every student on-board the digital age, we have started our services targeted to students as well.

Take a look on how we can help you:


Learn online

Find a variety of online courses and start learning. We provide educators the ability to host courses online on our learning portal and start teaching right away. As a student you can come and join the learning courses that interest you.

Create your e-portfoliom

An e-portfolio is an online collection of reflection and digital artifacts. You can use your e-portfolio to reflect upon your achievements, socialize with your friends and groups, collaborate on different projects with your friends and build a professional online timeline resume by sharing your certifications, accreditations, awards, etc. You can make your resume stand-out from the crowd by reflecting on your qualities and skills with proper accreditations.

Customize your e-presence

You can customize and share your profile with your friends by creating different views and groups. You can also customize the view of your profile for an employer and give it a more professional look by reflecting upon your skills and qualification. Similarly, profile can be customized for a random user and only basic information can be shared.

Explore and exploit

You can use your profile for Resume building, blogging, project collaboration; file repository, Social networking, RSS collection, Personal profile, resources sharing, etc. However, the features are not limited to these. There is great potential for you to explore and utilize it in your own ways.