In this digital age, it is necessary to adopt technology and innovation to reach out large masses to provide every-time available ready to use learning environment. We at Vidya Mantra, are committed to deliver tools and technology to start-off the eLearning culture at your university. We have process in place to phase-wise shift from traditional classroom learning to eLearning or blended eLearning with traditional space. ELearning provides new and diverse ways of learning, administration, assessment and collaboration.

We can help you achieve any of the following:


Offer distance learning programs

We can help you bring your educational programs to wide audience demographically dispersed across the globe. We offer integrated services, where we can implement and host a distance learning program for your university to cater to thousands of students via world wide web(www).

Create an eLearning ecosystem

We can transform the way your students learn. By implementing learning web portals and integrating it with various mobile platforms we can truly enhance anytime, anywhere eLearning. With easy to use eLearning resources and cross-platform compatibility you can truly experience elearning in its widest scope.

Learning Management System deployment and hosting

We have vast experience in porting content on web platforms for easy accessibility via web browsers and mobile devices. We host and manage standard LMS freeing you from technical glitches to concentrate on quality and quantity of your eLearning content. You can expect a full-fledged learning environment from your portal once it is up and running.


We understand that a common size cannot fit all. If you need something different custom-made to your requirements, we have best instructional designers and developers to assist you with that. Our development portfolio expands from custom desktop software to web/native apps for different mobile platforms; plug-ins and modules to core development; etc.

Volume eLearning course conversion

We have a process in place for converting or more appropriately enhancing the paper bound books for online representation including media like images, videos and animations. We can provide you ready to use material for your course and even deploy those resources in an online learning portal for you. We provide all the assistance and training required to implement and maintain the online portal by transfer of technology to your administrators or teachers to ensure smooth running and easy administration of the portal.

Social learning

We can develop a space for social learning where students can learn and collaborate with each other to implement team work and achieve team projects. This collaboration can be customised in every aspect to render the right information to right students/teacher only. The social learning tool can instill team spirit in your students and help them become a team player.

Build a career-centric education approach

With our e-portfolio solution implemented university-wide, every student can reflect on his education, achievements and targets with authenticity in a chronological order. These profiles can act as life long index education, skills and achievement acquired over a time period. This can also act as online authentic resume reflecting on relevant areas, for employers, which would greatly enhance their chances of getting job after their course completion.


The flexibility of reading and comprehending the books online can greatly transform the students approach to learning. As Internet and web is penetrating deeper and deeper, we can expect in near future that every paper bound book will be offered online for easy access and interactive approach to learning. We can transform your library into an e-Library that would render digital copies of the books to your students specific to their digital devices; with no limits to physical availability of the books.

Integrated Library Management System

Using an open-source approach we can integrate your library management in to digital Integrated Library Management System. In this digital era, if you still manage your library on paper bound notebooks that does not last longer and are prone to all kinds of wear and tear, you are missing a wonderful gift. With open source Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) we can redesign your library and map it to the new digital era where everything is automated and always available via a simple web browser.

Student management system or ERP solution

A student management system can greatly transform the way your University/college operates and keeps logs. It is a software application for education establishments to manage student data. Our Student management systems provides- capabilities for managing student tests/assessment scores through an electronic grade book, building schedules, tracking student attendance, and managing many other student-related data needs in a college or university. We can implement and integrate this system with LMS portals and e-portfolios for cross-functioning.