Theme Design

Your website represents your business/enterprise on the web. Running your business website in an optimized environment doesn't guarantee rich user-experience for your users. The research has found that during the early stages of interaction with a site, aesthetics is clearly the major influence. Of-course, usability has a strong effect on the people's judgment of a site in long-term, the first impression counts a lot. We have expertise in making standard based, solid framework, and professional themes/designs for eLearning LMS/CMS like Moodle, Joomla, Drupal and Mahara e-portfolios.

If you have one or more websites and need to carry the same look to your eLearning portal, we can do it. Kindly visit to know more. We have implemented seamless integration between two or more CMS/LMS systems (like Moodle with Drupal) for our clients. We also design brand new themes for Moodle and Mahara. Want to carry same look and feel of your e-portal to your e-portfolio, kindly contact us.

To know more visit or contact us at.