Our Offerings

From designing and development of adequate e-learning solution to realisation of its defined benefits, we have got you covered.


Online Learning Platform

We create compelling portals with a goal to empower e-learning enthusiasts all around the globe.

  • Software development
  • Content development
  • Managed hosting

Skill Development Solution

We provide a full length of training services from designing the content to delivering it.

  • Training solution
  • Course / module development

E-learning Advisory

We manage complete e-learning roadmap of our clients and assure their e-learning success.

  • E-learning Consulting
  • 24*7 support services

Our Products reflects our values


Vidya Mantra, formerly a Moodle partner in US as well as India, offer several Moodle services globally through KeyToSchool such as, hosting, development, support, Integration, Moodle theme, training, custom branding and much more. Since its inception KeyToSchool has proved itself to be the best LMS hosting portal with a recent clientele of more than 30,000 clients.



Launched in 2017, Congrea is a new generation, open source, scalable online virtual classroom environment. It has been specifically curated to enable educators to impart their knowledge in a seamless manner. Congrea has been packaged with several value added features such as, audio-video interaction, chat, poll, quiz, collaborative editor and much more.

Covering all the major sectors

We have been serving our services in various sectors through our expertise in e-learning and skilled team of professionals.





Stage 1

Analysis and Identification

We start our project with deep analysis on the requirements of our clients followed by the identification on steps that need to be taken to achieve the desired result.
Stage 2

Design and Development

Keeping all the technical requirements in mind, we skilfully design and develop customised e-learning solution that really works.
Stage 3

Implementation and Integration

We design highly compatible and dynamic solution that get fits in any infrastructure. Also, our fully managed hosting service enable our clients to save time and money.
Stage 4

Realization of Benefits

We focus on training the team of our client so that they are able to utilise the solution in such a way that it allows them to assure their e-learning success.
Stage 5

Throughout Support

We offer our advisory service to support our clients during their e-learning journey. Moreover, our support team assures 24*7 support to ensure that our clients have best e-learning experience.

Listen from our clients

The comments below are just a sample of the 30,000 clients worldwide
who transformed their business with us.

I’m so happy to have found Vidya Mantra! I joined ISKCON (Hare Krishna Movement) in 1974, and have been using Moodle since 2008…..mostly on my own, which meant I was very frustrated with both admin and teaching duties. Due to some difficulty with my own site and upgrades from Moodle 1 to 2, I searched for another Moddle host and found Vidya Mantra — the perfect fit for me.


Vidya Mantra has been an outstanding partner in supporting our learning portal to serve the professional development needs of our members. From extremely reliable performance (99.99% uptime) to quick, helpful and timely technical support when we seek to expand our offerings, this is a company that has built its reputation on serving educators. And they do it at a price point that doesn’t break the bank!

Senior Director