Moodle Mobile App

We understand the significance of having a branded Moodle app and hence our team work towards providing our clients with their very own Moodle app supported in both android and iOS devices.

Just choose an image and a color along with your logo and we will give you your own Moodle app, YES it's that easy!

Your Moodle mobile app will be made available to download from Google play store and Apple app store

Chosen splash image will appear while loading the app

Your logo will appear on the welcome screen

Your Moodle website will be preconfigured to your mobile app

Our Complete Moodle App Package

We offer a complete package for customising the Moodle app which majorly includes adjustments of your chosen images along with preconfiguring your URL inside the app. You also don’t need to worry about app review process as we will be handling all the queries from the app store.

Complete Package
Google Android app only ₹ 90,000 /year
Apple iOS app only ₹ 90,000 /year
Both Android and iOS apps ₹ 1,80,000 /year
PreConfigured URL Yes
Custom color Yes
Images i.e. app icon, logo, splash Designed by us
Build app Developed by our developers
Submit on Google Play and Apple app store Our team will submit apps to Google Play and Apple app store
Upgrades All updates happening in official Moodle app will be applied to your app, valid for one year
Order branded app