Government eLearning


eLearning requirements for a government widely differ from the conventional eLearning in the scope of universities. In government eLearning scenario emphasis is paid on learning-on-demand, wide geographic distribution of participants and very frequent change of contents. We identify these requirements and offer a dynamic and scalable solution to meet the challenges upfront.
With our solutions you can achieve the following:

Implement e-government


eGovernment faces many problems, one of which is lacking awareness and education in its use. Most prospective users know about computer and their internal e-mail system, but they don't know about important elements of eGovernment like electronic signature, servers for official set-up and special software for record handling and work-flow. Therefore, you need to educate and train all parties involved or at least, the administration staff involved in the process. We can develop an e learning approach to deliver training to various parties in an engaging and cost-effective manner to address mass training.

A unified portal for all


A unified portal for training and learning activities is highly desirable in case of government eLearning projects. Generally, government has to reach large masses; it is better to build a real-time and saleable portal with access to resources based on user-profile. For example, an admin staff may have access to question put-up by common users, whilst a user may only view his/her own query. Thus using role based approach to resources we can deliver a unified learning portal for a government organization serving one and all.

Large scale platform independent learning


We want learning to be available to all on-demand, anywhere and independent of device constraints. What this means is that a learner, for example a student of a specific town, can access the learning resources at his will via a web-enabled device that may be a computer, handheld tablet or mobile phone. We have skills to develop an eLearning environment to tap potential and harness creativity among students. The same stands true for any other organization having large number of employees scattered anywhere around the globe. ELearning has the potential to reach out to more people not only geographically, but also demographically.

Content development and delivery


We have process in place to convert bulk written textbooks and manuals in action mapped eLearning content rapidly by using our skill and resources. We can produce volume courses rapidly and deliver them via eLearning portals. These courses adhere to the basic eLearning standards and can be packaged into compliant eLearning standard packages (SCORM, AICC) for inter-platform deployment. Know more

Citizen centric portals


We can develop citizen-centric portal, which serves as a one-stop government service to be delivered electronically to the all citizens. Government officials and support staff may use this site to enlighten citizens on various matters by teaching them via online courses andengaging them in collaborative practices so that they could develop an information sharing ecosystem and engage in learning. All citizens will be able to track their requests and get feedback during the process.

Overcome the language barrier


Languages play an important role in understanding of any learning. With our expertise we can design adaptive sites that can change its language as per the area and render the content in the native language of that area. It promotes learning as users get to learn in their own language. At the same time, we give flexibility to user that he can set the website language to default English (or any other choice) at his will.Know more