Over the last 5 years eLearning technologies has evolved rapidly and revolutionized this domain. It has resulted in more collaborative efforts towards making learning an enjoyable disposition. However, right approach is crucial towards developing an engaging and enjoyable eLearning environment. We specialize in eLearning design & delivery with a commitment to provide our customers with sustainable, cost-effective solutions.

We strongly believe in transfer of tools, technology and skills as a long term solution, so that you could manage your content at your own and re-use it for different purposes.

Customer requirements:

  • Planning the right eLearning approach
  • Adapting to eLearning technology
  • Instructional design/content development
  • Rapid eLearning solutions
  • Custom eLearning solutions
  • Choosing the right tools for LMS, LCMS, Authoring and CMS
  • Library management system
  • School management system
  • Good practice for subtle learning mechanisms
  • All round support

Conceptualization: Right eLearning approach


Based on your requirements, we can help you built the eLearning environment best suited to your needs. With our vast experience in this domain and aid of strategy tools and technology mapped to your needs/expectations, we can help you achieve desired results in a time bound frame. Whether you are an organization planning to introduce new products to your employees (for knowledge building) or a competition driven educational institute, we can plan, customize, develop and implement the right eLearning scenario to help you achieve your goals.

Refining your existing eLearning environment


You have resources and you have targets, but still not able to achieve the expected results-you need to review your strategy. We can help you in refining your strategy to bridge the gap between results and expected results. We would work out optimal utilization of available resources, develop strategy to achieve that and implement major/minor changes in tools and technology with a view to deliver best suited and cost-effective solution that would actually give you results as expected.

Choosing the right tools and technology


We have worked with a number of state-of-art authoring tools and eLearning technologies for our satisfied clients and have gained a lot of experience necessary to differentiate between better and the best. Unless you choose the right tool for the job, perfection cannot be achieved. At Vidya Mantra, we understand your requirements to suggest the right tool for the job, maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness go hand-in-hand.

We are experts in implementing LMS (Learning Management System), LCMS (Learning and Content Management Systems), CMS (Content Management System), and industry standard authoring tools such as Adobe eLearning suite and Articulate.

Implementing all-round e-learning


We can help you achieve all-round eLearning. Once we have recognized resources (available tools and technology), strategy and destination (expected results); we can plan and implement the eLearning mechanism for you that would boost the learning for targetted audience in multiple ways.

Our consultancy services include:

  • Conceptualization of right eLearning approach as per your organizational objectives
  • Refining your eLearning environment and approach
  • Selecting the right LMS, LCMS & authoring tools.
  • Implementing an all-round eLearning environment.
  • Stimulating eLearning adaption
  • Promoting and marketing e-learning
  • Virtual classroom solutions.