Hosting - we host and support

We have been hosting eLearning solutions since last 5 years for our clients that range from corporates to educational institutes, schools and Individual educators. We have expertized in managing large number of users without putting excessive strain on server resources. Our own brand keytoSchool is perfect example of our hosting capabilities where total number of eLearning portals exceeded 30k. The site ( had been functional for last 3 years and served our clients as high performance zero cost managed hosting solution.

KeytoMoodle is another eLearning hosting solution from Vidya Mantra, which provides managed hosting services. KeytoMoodle provides cloud-hosting environment for one of the most popular LMS solution, Moodle. For more information kindly see At Vidya Mantra we have gained expertize in design, management and delivery of different eLearning solutions. Through our deep understanding of various LMS (Learning Management Systems), CMS (Content Management System) and LCMS (Learning and Content Management System), we can propose, customized and implement the optimized server environment to deliver efficient, engaging, reliable and enjoyable eLearning experience.

We provide following types of hosting for our clients

  • Dedicated Hosting: High availability, corporate solution for large business critical sites.
  • Standard Hosting: Single dedicated server environment with fixed resource allocation and scalable on demand.
  • Cloud Hosting: Cost effective, optimized and scalable hosting environment
  • On-premise hosting

Cloud hosting essentially consist of large number of dedicated hosting server clusters working together. Each dedicated server is virtualized to behave as two or more virtual servers and resources of the dedicated server are divided among these virtual servers equally or in proportions as required. The benefits of cloud architecture are fascinating. It can be scaled up or down on demand. Because of redundancy in hardware instances, no single point of failure exists and last but not the least it is pocket friendly. However, if you are not sure what is best for you, we are here to help. Just let us know what you plan to achieve and we will propose you best solution to meet all your needs. Send your query.



We understand that our services make no point, if we cannot address your questions ASAP. Therefore we have set up a 24/7 support system with our support team that is passionate about customer service. With our support in place, you don't have to worry about your site uptime, security, bug fixes and resource planning. Our support system comprises of ticketing system, chat system and telephonic support.
However we promote ticketing system, as it is best way to keep your issues central to support staff, site administrators, our engineers and you, the client. You can monitor and track all reported issues to the solution through ticketing.
Kindly contact us for more information.