Moodle is itself a highly effective learning platform, however even the most perfect things can be enhanced to make them a statement, and the same can be achieved through the usage of different plugins present on Moodle.

According to a recent study it was found that there are several Moodle users who are not able to realise all the dynamic benefits of the plugins being used by them. Also, majority of users are unaware about the appropriate plugins for their usage. However, as mentioned with the right usage of plugins one can expect appreciation of their desired goal.
Moodle has a variety of plugins (both free and paid), which can be used in different areas depending upon the user.


Analysing the outcome of learning being imparted through Moodle has been made extremely easy and effective through several plugins readily available on Moodle. You can easily create visually effective infographics based upon your data through a plugin named Zoola Analytics. Also you can predict, evaluate and analyse the data using Moodle’s machine learning. You can also use Analytics and Recommendations block to know about the participation of each student in a particular course and it also provides recommendation to the students to improve their performance.

Interactive Sessions

There are several plugins present on Moodle that are specifically designed to make the learning even more interactive and fun. You can use simple and plain documents, present online and using some plugins you can add a different dimension to them. For e.g. using H5P plugin, you can easily create, share and reuse interactive HTML5 content, it even allows you to seamlessly add your bilateral content on different videos, including that on YouTube.

Online Virtual Classroom

An online virtual classroom has been so designed that it gives its users a single platform to impart hassle-free learning along with superlative teaching tools. For e.g. BigBlueButton and Congrea are two beautifully curated online virtual classroom plugins, available on Moodle to enhance the teaching as well as learning experience of their users. These plugins comes with several features such as whiteboard, text editor, document sharing and audio video interaction which in turn makes the learning experience more effective.

Assessment and Certification

Some Moodle plugins enables the educators to assess their learners and certify or grade them accordingly. For e.g. Grade me plugin is designed to enable the teachers to maintain a track on the assignments that they need to review and grade. Turnitin and Unicheck plugins can be used to check plagiarism present in student’s assignments. In addition, Certificate plugin enables the educators to generate custom certificates for their students.


Make your session even more fun by using plugins that gamify your Moodle sessions such as Game plugin is used to incorporate your questions in different games such as hangman, crossword and snakes and ladders. Stash plugin can be used to create a virtual treasure hunt for the students wherein, a teacher can hide several items in different activities of the course for students to attain through completing these activities. In addition, Mootivated plugin rewards the students with virtual coins with the completion of defined activities and course. Teachers can also use Moodle Badges to reward their student’s performance.